Upload once. Be everywhere.

Streamline your business operations in one easy, powerful, integrated system.

  • Upload once. Be everywhere: Deliver to big retailers with just a few clicks. Sell directly to fans or let them choose where to buy. Deliver to social networks in style. Generate clips, video, and 320's without opening an editor!
  • Self-Distribute: Avoid the "industry-standard" distribution fees. Pay a flat-fee for delivery to retail distribution chain. Learn what works by tracking your daily sales and chart placements.
  • Be A Hero: Create clean, easy, and complete artist reports and pay your artists without spending hours assessing royalty statement data. Your people will love you for using JunglePress.
  • A Solution for Everyone: We tailor custom solutions for distributors, labels, and artists alike. We can scale to fit your specific needs!

Being everywhere just got easier.

JunglePress delivers.

Be everywhere in just a few clicks including top retailers like iTunes, Google Play, and Beatport, and premier services like Youtube and Soundcloud as well as blogs, promo channels, email lists, forums, and streaming services.

Here are just a few of the places we are integrated with:

Sell direct, increase sales. Or give fans a choice.

Take control of the presentation of your releases. with high impact landing pages with high-resolution artwork, artist bios, and clips.

Without any extra effort.

Stop marketing like a noob.

Stop waiting for quarterly statements. Start monitoring your important day-to-day sales.

Automatic clips, video, FLAC, MP3, and MP4 generation.

Using trusted industry-standard encoders.

Stop wasting time looking up artist info.

The Artist Manager in JunglePress allows you to have everything in one place; accessible by you and your fans.

Focus on your work, not your paperwork.

Set your mind at ease with JunglePress generated royalty reports for each and every artist on your roster.

Over 100 social and retail distribution channels, including: